The Well is a crypto consultancy building web3 tools for creatives, curators, collectors and offering education and training resources on the ethereum blockchain. Our mission is to create an inclusive, equitable environment for the culture with an emphasis on provenance, sustainability, ownership, and sovereignty.

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@sirsu [ameer suhayb carter]

SIRSU is a multidisciplinary designer that has built products and services around policy, visual journalism, sustainable fashion, social design, manufacturing and most recently blockchains, nfts and social community design.

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Build, create, share, and collect culture at the speed of culture.


What we’re working on and exploring.

$HEAT ︎︎︎ #heatcheckme
The first cultural, social reputation token that provides exposure and hype for crypto creators.

The Well Protocol ︎︎︎ Coming Soon
A permissionless, interoperable NFT ecosystem for collectors, curators and artists.

DropsWell ︎︎︎ Apply Here
A customizable, curatorial NFT delivery system.


It’s not just about what we do now, it’s about how we influence those after us.

Becoming a Crypto Creator ︎︎︎
A week-long, monthly series dedicated to onboarding creatives into crypto and the various ways to contextualize and monetize digital media.


Empowering communities requires acts of giving freely, openly, and transparently.

MintFund ︎︎︎
A community driven fund to build a support network for artists (mainly BIPOC + LGBTQIA) interested in bringing their art into the world of NFTs/cryptomedia.

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